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  • yinyang

    Seeking All Things Beautiful #BFF

    Shadow cannot exist without light; everything has aspects of yin and yang according to Chinese Philosophy. Newton found it in physics: for every action, there is an equal and…

  • buriedalive

    I’m Not Actually Claustrophobic; Only Problem Is, I Think I Am

    I adopted Claustrophobia as a kid. It seemed like a decent enough phobia to take on, not too far fetched. I’d been told my mom was Claustrophobic, surely it’s genetic.…

  • 3 train thoughts

    On Meditation: 3 train thoughts

    What a delicious evening of good vibes in such a divine setting. I’ve never been to the Rubin Museum of Art, but I already have plans to return. We watched a short film…

  • 20140723-015507.jpg

    Back to the Books in Brooklyn

    The one thing that I have missed dearly our whole trip is books. Traveling with a 25 lb. A Course in Miracles doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Not that I read much…


    Peace Begins With Me

    I’m heading to see Spirit Junkie, Gabby Bernstein, tomorrow night in NYC, which reminded me of a quick and easy mindfulness/meditation exercise she describes in her…


    Art of Allowing

    This whole concept of allowing has come up a ton lately. In A Course in Miracles, in Abraham-Hicks The Law of Attraction, in my clients lives,…


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