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  • 20140723-015507.jpg

    Back to the Books in Brooklyn

    The one thing that I have missed dearly our whole trip is books. Traveling with a 25 lb. A Course in Miracles doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Not that I read much…

  • diamond head beach, oahu

    Peace Out Oahu: It’s been real

    I have left the island many times with the hope to recreate even just a little when I get home. I listen to Island Rhythm Radio on Pandora; I eat out of bowls made of coconut…

  • most-wonderful-canyons-in-the-world-waimea-canyon

    Lesson Learned Loud & Clear

    If I’m not brave enough to live in full alignment, how can I ask others to do so? Here’s to another round of new beginnings, squeaky squeaky clean. I leave you with…

  • indo-action

    Balance: No mirage necessary

    We woke up this morning to Tahitian drums literally right outside our window. Elisa stretched her legs up to shake them out, like usual, but this time it was as if she woke up…

  • throwbackbeach

    What Would You Say to Your Younger Self

    Being on Hawaii, I can’t help but think back to the days when everything was unraveling for me. This morning I did my pages and read from A Course in Miracles on the beach…

  • cairn seen on napali coast trail, kauai

    A Day of Rest Does the Mind/Body Good

    Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Today, we did. We’re still in Hawaii, but staying with friends whose home feels like a getaway all in itself.…


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