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  • cold shower challenge300

    TYOMD Turns 300!!

    Wowza! 300 posts in 300 days. And Elisa hasn’t broken up with me yet. Hooray! Thank you to all the readers, fans, and friends of TYOMD. I am genuinely grateful for your…

  • pencils-of-promise-necklace-feature-2e

    Marathon Mania Give-Some-Get-Some Breakdown

    I was never good at selling girl scout cookies, or America’s Best Chocolate Bars, and I really sucked at the Joe Corbi’s cardboard Pizza Kit sales. It’s still…

  • bridgevlog

    TYOMD Weekly Wrap-up Vlog-style

    Stay tuned tomorrow for support incentives! I’m throwing out all the stops for these kids AND squashing my fear of raising money, once and for all. I’m confident…

  • wl108bkeventbriteupdate

    TYOMD On Location: Wanderlust, Brooklyn 2014

    Today’s mindful triathlon began with a 5k run through Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I enjoyed the especially mindful start time of 11 AM and the rather casual commitment to race…

  • 20140723-015507.jpg

    Back to the Books in Brooklyn

    The one thing that I have missed dearly our whole trip is books. Traveling with a 25 lb. A Course in Miracles doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Not that I read much…


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