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  • Nepal, 2011

    Gushy On Gratitude

    Happy Thanksgiving! From my crazy family to yours. You know I love to get my gratitude on year round. But I do get a little sappy this time of year, even more gushy on the…

  • patrick

    The Gift of Expression

    I was so moved by this video the other day, I saved it to share with you. I realize, often embarrassingly, more and more the vast list of things I take for granted, but I had…

  • mark-twain

    Cut the Crap! Be the Boss of Your Time & Happiness

    I just finished Shawn Achor’s Before Happiness, and I really appreciated the section on noise cancelling. For someone who doesn’t own a TV and doesn’t watch the…


    Positive Genius

    From the time I was young, I was always an A/B student. But I’ll be honest, that was more due to “resourcefulness” than God-given smarts. My…


    Flow, Find & Seek

    Experiencing flow snowboarding, trail running, surfing and even writing, I have become a little bit of a flow junkie myself: studying flow’s father, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, reading…


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