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  • apollos

    Nuff Said: Apollos Hester

    I feel like this every morning. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Big ups to his parents;) “That’s all it takes: attitude!” I leave you with this: Fired…

  • Funny-Quotes-I-dont-know-karate-but-I-do-know-crazy-and-Im-not-afraid-to-use-it

    Crazy Is As Crazy Does

    I used to call myself crazy. Sort of in the fun kind of way that everyone is a little crazy, and sort of not. I kinda liked the description. I found it funny that not all that…

  • IMG_0312

    Tyomd on location: The People’s Climate March NYC

    Over 400,000 people showed up just outside Central Park today for the People’s Climate March. There motto: TO CHANGE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERYONE. Here’s the blurb on…


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