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  • no

    Nourishing Yourself With “NO”

    I’m almost through James Altucher’s newest book The Power of No: Because one little word can bring health. This is one of my favorite parts so far: I started saying…

  • This room is super narrow. I apologize that the nostril shot is the best we got;)

    Off the Cuff: Gratitude is the New Sexy

    Today I gave my second Toastmasters speech on one of my favorite (and therefore easy) topics: gratitude! I had such great intentions all week/weekend long to map out and rehearse…

  • time mindful revolution

    The Mindfulness Revolution

    I’m thrilled that mindfulness has hit the mainstream, that it’s making its way not only into our lexicons, but into our practices as well. It may feel like a slow…

  • One of the many dead ends I ran into yesterday. Somewhere, Rock Creek Park, MD

    TYOMD On Location: National Harbor, DC

    Oh, the ways I learn to let go. Or, better put, am forced to let go. This weekend has proven to be yet another opportunity to loosen the grip on my expectations. Breathe a bit,…


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