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  • lightsuit

    I Won’t Take the Easy Road

    My cousin shared this vid with me yesterday. What perfect timing. I woke up from a nap this morning, only to find out that tomorrow’s speaking engagement had been postponed.…

  • Best Speech and Best Evaluator selfie

    Taking Home the Win

    *I didn’t clue my vid guy on how to hold the iphone while filming. Thanks to, JK, I learned that like a whole month ago;) Tonight I took the W for best speech at…

  • pemaquote

    Fail, Fail Again and Fail Better

    We are totally team Pema over here in the Hurley/Haggarty house. Elisa attributes her to saving her life, and I never tire listening to her transparent and authentic teachings. I…


    Start With Why

    I just finished Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. You may have seen his viral TED on the same topic: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Martin Luther…


    Great Pumpkin

    I skim the listserve emails everyday. I’ve gotten so I can kinda sort the good from the bad pretty quickly. This was a recent diamond in…

    pop donation page

    We Made It!

    Hooray! Thanks to all your awesome support and one significant go-getter (you know who you are), we made it;) That’s 123.8 kids going to school next…


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