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    Commit to Happiness

    I heard this quote today on Gabby Bernstein’s most recent vlog. “Committing to happiness increases your chances for success.” – Robert Holden I have…

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    Trick or Treat?: Your mind’s way of manipulating you

    How do we know when to give into the treat, or if it’s just another mind trick. I deserve this brownie or mochafrappalatte, I’ve worked so hard this morning. I deserve…

  • igotit

    I Got It

    I just sent in my lottery email, which I’ll share with you when it posts to The Listserve. Phew! That was a little nerve wracking. I’ve learned I’m much better…


    I Won the Lottery!

    Well, the email lottery that is. The Listserve lottery. I have been reading (albeit partially so) Listserve emails for about two years now. Many start the same…


    Start With Why

    I just finished Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. You may have seen his viral TED on the same topic: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Martin Luther…


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