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  • myway

    As is Your Deed, so is Your Destiny

    “You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intent; as is your intent, so is your will; as is your will, so is your deed; as is your deed, so is your…

  • deepak

    Deepak Chopra: No time, no death, no fear

    I love Deepak lectures because he infuses poetry: Rumi, Tagore, Hafiz, scripture, science, and, of course, his humor. He took us on a stroll through the vastness of the…


    Louis C.K. is Even Cooler than I Thought

    I read this great Medium piece from James Altucher on Louis C.K. the other day. I didn’t know this, but Louis C.K. turned down a cushy $500,000/year job with Conan in the…

  • I didn't have a bathing suit bottom I liked very much so I just wore my favorite pair of underwear the whole trip;) -Thailand, 2010

    The Naked Dream

    I have the naked dream often. I’m chillin’ in a group, aware of my nudity–unsure why I’m naked–half embarrassed, but not really, because their must…

  • Poetry on the Porch, 2009

    Big Speech Today!

    Tonight I am competing in the second round of the Toastmaster’s International competition. I am mostly excited, and only a little nervous–for now at least. My goal is…


    Your Life is Your Message

    This comes up all the time in conversation with my clients, especially those seeking their passion or purpose. Elizabeth Gilbert often talks about being one of those rare freaks…

  • puttingupwithu

    My To-do List Just Got A Whole Lot Shorter

    Thanks to the last experiment in Pam Grout’s E Cubed, I was inspired to shorten my giant list of to-do’s to only the important stuff: 1. Remain in a constant state of…

    south africa, 2012

    The Good Fight

    I stumbled upon this Kickstarter: The Good Fight after it had already been funded. And since I love all things that make me jump out of my…


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