Self-discovery: a journey into the depths of the inner world

Self-knowledge begins the moment you become aware of yourself. This process is embodied very early, even in childhood, and reaches its peak in the years of youth, when the thirst for knowledge is great, the mind is insatiable, it requires new discoveries and impressions, and the soul strives for high goals and it seems that it is possible to embrace the immensity.

All this is exactly so, but with the burden of responsibility that imposes social status, new responsibilities, and simply the daily whirlpool of events captivates with its speed, a person forgets about the purity of impulses that once filled his life with meaning. And now, realizing the vanity of existence, he looks back, sees himself in the past and understands that something is missing in his present life. Isn’t that why she began to seem ordinary to him, so predictable.

What is Self-Knowledge

The process of comprehension by an individual of himself is called self-knowledge. A person comprehends his personality, abilities, both physical and mental, his own “I”. All this begins in infancy and finds realization in the course of all life activities. The results of self-knowledge are the maintenance of the integrity of the individual, as well as its development.

It is advisable to trace how it is formed in order to understand the aspects of this concept. Namely: the process goes through stages in the course of displaying the external environment when a person realizes his uniqueness. Three levels correspond to the same number of spheres within which the personality is organized (stages of self-knowledge).

Biological knowing oneself as a separate organism.

Social reflecting the ability to study, to acquire the ability to comply with the norms of behavior.

Personal, associated with the ability to make choices, organize being, behavior. It is also the ability to make decisions.

Self-knowledge and personal development are categories responsible for the successful realization of a person based on the results of activity. The individual evaluates himself, gains the opportunity to be objective at the same time, forms attitudes towards his “I”, as an object of knowledge.

Development is carried out in the presence of the ability to improve one’s potency on one’s own. It is accompanied by a desire to achieve the highest achievements and levels.

Self-knowledge and self-development of the individual is described by the characteristics that make up the scientific concept in psychology. Specifically, this:

  • mental health;
  • the potential of the individual, capable of optimal implementation;
  • mental maturity and inner harmony.

These aspects act as a whole in the relationship between them. The result can be considered the efficiency with which the process of self-knowledge is implemented. It starts in childhood and continues throughout life. And the heyday falls on the young years, characterized by an insatiable mind, a thirst for impressions.

The value of self-knowledge in human life

In youth, a person sets high goals for himself, realizing that self-consciousness is the path to enlightenment. Acquiring social status, duties and responsibilities, a person can lose the nobility of impulses that previously gave meaning to life. And life itself becomes commonplace.

At such a moment, it is important to be able to find positive aspects where only negative ones were previously observed. This gives additional strength to accept these properties and plays a very important role in improving oneself.

A person who is aware of himself as a person, is familiar with his own characteristics, differences from others, can make comparisons. All this will increase the understanding that self-knowledge is the path to enlightenment.


In conclusion, I would like to appeal to the reader – after reading this article, get up from your chair and start acting. Many people do not know how to find their destiny, burning life for days. If you want to achieve a little more than eternal work in a factory or office and boring everyday life – take action now! Read books, travel, analyze yourself.

Life is not given to throw resources into the void – a person must improve. Self-development and self-knowledge is the key to conquering the world, only many of us do not think about it, drawing the boundaries between work, home and shop. Develop, learn the world, comprehend new areas of life, and one day you will become an ideal for many others.