Coaching – profession or hobby

Coaching seems to be a new word in the list of professions. Despite its novelty, day by day it is gaining momentum and attracting more and more interested and enthusiastic people to its ranks. For some, knowledge about coaching helps to transform, “wake up”, look at yourself from the outside, get to know yourself, feel the taste of life, structure your actions and hear your inner voice.

For some, it is a serious professional niche, a new direction in activity, expanding a tool in work or a means of successful communication. Every year more and more coaching schools appear all over the world, and there are no restrictions – online, offline – all formats are good and the quality of knowledge depends only on the professionalism of the giver of knowledge and the desire of the recipient.

In connection with the tremendous growth in the popularity of coaching, I propose to look a little deeper in this direction and find out what it is: a newfangled hobby or profession.

A unique way to develop yourself

Personal development is no less a new phrase and it is not surprising that it is very closely related to coaching. In the process of development and self-knowledge, a person often conducts an internal dialogue with himself, asking questions: what should I do in this situation? Why do I act this way and not otherwise? How is it better?

This is the unconscious process of self-coaching. Each of us daily acts as a coach, first of all for ourselves. Why not do it professionally? Thanks to even basic knowledge of coaching, a person is able to effectively find answers to questions of interest in himself and about himself.

A way to improve communication

After his own personality, a person switches to his environment and conducts dialogues with everyone he meets on his life path. Spouses, children, parents, just close people, friends, colleagues – daily, hourly and every minute dialogues are built. They are based on statements of facts, on questions and answers.

Sometimes questions remain unanswered, sometimes they cause violent reactions and most often the reason is the lack of partnership communication skills, the ability to listen and ask. Knowing the basics of coaching helps you communicate productively, become an attentive listener, and create an easy and comfortable environment in any environment.

Knowledge of others

Often a person is faced with “unpleasant” colleagues and “harmful” bosses, as well as the fact that he is not heard at work. In communication, he runs into a wall of misunderstanding and resistance. In this case, you should definitely look in the direction of coaching.

Knowing the basic coaching belief that “Everything is good with all people and everything they do, they do with the best of intentions”, helps to see in each colleague those unique qualities that make him a unique employee and specialist.

Fascinating hobby

The knowledge of the human mind and the depths of thinking is an exciting activity that allows you to know the depths of your own soul and learn to enjoy the amazing world around.

Coaching is a worthy hobby for people who are passionate about new discoveries and mind games. Coaching knowledge helps to see the world as it is – beautiful in its original form and developing in new discoveries and inventions.

And of course, the “icing on the cake” will be the fact that coaching is the profession of the future and is in the TOP 10 professions that will be the most in demand in 5-10 years. Why?

Speed, development, progress – all this is the future. The world is rapidly gaining momentum. 100 years ago, taking 5 photographs was a matter of a month, now it is a matter of 1-2 seconds. Coaching is filled with many tools to help you keep up with the times, live, feel, hear, see and enjoy this wonderful process.

Becoming a professional and guiding people towards the best version of themselves is an exciting and meaningful journey. Choose a bunch of profession – choose the future and change.