Music therapy as an anti-stress

“Music “touches” our senses much earlier than any other stimulus. Information received through auditory receptors is the most significant. It mobilizes neurons and leads to the emergence of clear sensations, and at the same time reactions to sensations in the form of emotions and feelings.

The impact of music on humans

The variety of physiological reactions that occur in the human body as a result of musical and therapeutic effects is due to the fact that music, as a physical phenomenon, is a certain set of sound signals, the perception of which is conventionally divided into auditory, bioresonant and vibrotactile components.

Listening to music gives rise to certain associations, aesthetic experiences that actively affect the emotional state of a person. Emotions, the dynamics of which always leads to certain hormonal and biochemical changes, indirectly begin affect the intensity of metabolic processes, respiratory and cardiovascular system, brain tone, blood circulation, etc.

Vibrotactile mechanism of the action of music on the human body based on vibrations that are perceived through the surface of the skin, pressure receptors, touch. The bioresonance mechanism of action of music is based on the fact that each the organ of our body has a certain frequency of oscillations and when when exposed to a sound of a different frequency, a resonance occurs, which has a healing effect.

In addition, foreign scientists have proved that a properly selected music increases the production of endorphins in the body (natural painkillers) and salivary immunoglobulin, which accelerates wound healing, reduces the risk of infections and controls heart rate. Each organ of the human body has its own currents and rhythms, that interact with musical waves, and those have on them regulatory influence.

All about music that promotes relaxation

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. It is important to take action in time and return to harmony with yourself. Such a “tool” of relaxation as music can help. Find out how you can get rid of unhealthy stress.

Modern man is constantly faced with stress. In small doses, there is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary, sometimes stress forces us to leave our comfort zone and act more decisively. However, constant stress significantly disrupts the functioning of our nervous system and leads to many unpleasant consequences – immunity is weakened, health and mood deteriorate.

We become more passive and stop being interested in the world around us. This must be fought! And one of the best methods of relieving stress is music, its healing properties effectively help you tune in to the right way of life.


Previously, any light music that relieves tension was referred to this direction, and in the mid-90s this name also became associated with a genre of unhurried electronic music, combining elements of house, ambient, lounge and many other directions.

Since there is no single canon for understanding the Chillout genre, you can find very diverse melodies in it. Some of them are able to evoke thoughts about nature, while others send their sound far into space – towards the stars.

Academic music

This is what in everyday life is often called “classic”. Orchestral studies, violin solos and piano sounds are considered to be among the most emotional. They penetrate inside a person, touching the most delicate strings of the soul. This is a real cure for internal disharmony.

For relaxation and recuperation, choose unhurried compositions, there are many of them in academic music. By the way, do not look only towards the “classics”. There are a number of talented contemporaries who are also worthy of attention.


Synonym for relaxation. The reggae genre was formed in Jamaica in the late 60s, and from there it spread to other countries. Most often, the themes of love and kindness prevail in the texts, and the music itself is served in a very unhurried form.

It is forbidden to rush to this music. To get the real effect of listening to it, lie down on something soft, turn on a track quietly, close your eyes and relax. The result will be an excellent charge of positive and sunny emotions that will fuel you for a long time to come.

Ethnic music of the East

The music of each nation is amazing and unique. This is largely due to the peculiarity of folk rhythms and local musical instruments, unusual for other countries. And if you are looking for relaxation, then be sure to check out the compositions of the peoples of the East.

Poetry and meditativeness are especially noticeable in the music of India, China and Japan. Each of them has its own characteristics, but they all calm the mind and allow you to enjoy life. The music of the East penetrates deep into the mind, calming even the most difficult thoughts. Believe me, it is enough just once in your life to hear the sounds of a bamboo flute to fall in love with this instrument forever.

Sounds of nature

When you are so tired that even your favorite tunes do not bring joy, nature will always come to the rescue. The sound of foaming waves, somewhere in the distance fish are splashing and birds are chirping – beauty. Surprisingly, even the sounds of thunder can bring calmness and relieve you of stress while lying in warmth.

It is better to listen to nature in a natural environment. But if a long working week interferes with getting out of the city, then on the Internet you can easily find collections of absolutely any sounds of nature. So mentally sit down by the fire and relax, then stress will never be a problem for you.