Achieve harmony of mind and body

Each person is a mystery explained by his individuality. However, in order to reveal your features and become the one and only, you need to work on yourself – on external and internal perfection.

Learning to hear the soul

In the modern world, when various systems constantly dictate to us how to behave, what to eat, what to wear, what is now prestigious and fashionable, and what is not, their loud cries constantly drown out the quiet whisper of our soul.

That is why some people for years cannot find themselves, discover their purpose and simply learn to enjoy every day. They perceive the imposed rules and attitudes as their own.

You probably also had this: you think that these are your thoughts and desires, and then it turns out that they were inspired by you – parents, friends, mass media, glossy magazines, social networks, colleagues ? For example, you want to buy an apartment because “it’s supposed to be.” And for the sake of this goal, you give up all your desires, get into debt, endure an unloved, but highly paid job.

And then, when you receive the cherished keys, you suddenly realize that you don’t really need this apartment at all, because all your life you have dreamed of traveling around world, live in different countries, rent apartments and houses, and not be tied to one place! They just told you that your own apartment is an indicator of success in life. Alas, there are many such examples.

In order to increase awareness and begin to follow the call of your soul, you need to remove all this husk and realize what is ours, real, and what is superfluous and superficial, what inspires and energizes us, and what only holds back on the way and drives us into the framework of patterns and prejudice.

Enjoy the little things

Of course, every person dreams of happiness, and each has his own. By happiness, most of us understand something global and all-encompassing. However, elderly people, analyzing the past years, say that in fact happiness consists of little things – a bright bouquet of flowers from a husband on a rainy day, a drawing of a child, saving a homeless animal, etc.

So, if you take a closer look around, you can find many reasons to smile – a rainbow outside the window, the appearance of buds at your favorite flower, a flock of pigeons on your feeder, excellent marks for your child, promotion of your husband, etc.

Find a hobby

Any art contributes to the cleansing of evil thoughts and distraction from worldly problems.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to achieve harmony of body and soul. The main thing is willpower, desire and faith in victory!

Everyone dreams of finding inner balance and achieving harmony in the soul, but not everyone fully understands exactly what actions should be taken in order to reach the intended goal. In fact, there are a number of simple recommendations, but many people forget about them in the whirlwind of everyday worries.

Every day, every person is faced with many different tasks and problems that distract from the most important thing – spiritual harmony and peace. But it’s never too late to stop and think about your own peace of mind.

First of all, it is necessary to define what is meant by spiritual harmony. It is impossible to become successful and happy, being at odds with yourself. A person who is in harmony with his own “I” and the world around him always clearly knows what he wants, and can distinguish his real desires from the expectations that society, friends and relatives make.

Often people feel unhappy and tired precisely because they are weighed down by the weight of other people’s opinions and other people’s expectations.

It is also necessary to find for yourself such activities that would bring pleasure and give value to life. Everyone is talented in something, you just need to find what suits you.

Doing what you love is a great way of self-realization and a way to achieve harmony in the soul. Getting better every day, you will feel that you are spending your time usefully and living your life not in vain, and this is very important.

It is worth remembering that a person who is in harmony with himself will not keep resentment and unpleasant memories in his heart. To move forward to a better life, you need to let go of the past and stop torturing yourself with old grievances.